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Uncover the TRUTH about healing from

COVID-related injuries


REVERSE DAMAGE done by the gene-altering mRNA “vaccines”…

BOOST NATURAL IMMUNITY to protect against spike protein shedding…

DETOX these deadly bioweapons from your body…

HEAL THE ROOT CAUSE of chronic disease…


Most people don't know that these natural protocols exist…

Because Big Pharma actively suppresses treatments that don’t “fit” their narrative… And their profit margins.

Their deadly “vaccines” and COVID “treatments” must be the ONLY solutions…. 

Because they’ve earned Big Pharma HUNDREDS of BILLIONS in sales.

Their allies in the Corporate Media keep promoting Big Pharma’s narrative… 

Because Big Pharma is their #1 advertiser.

And despite Big Tech’s repeated attempts to deplatform and cancel us, we’ve interviewed over 50 world-renowned natural medicine doctors and health experts to bring you TRUE HEALING

Recovery is real

Around 70% of the world’s population has already received 1 or more shots.

That means 70% of the population needs our collective help.

And that’s what our mission is… to bring you the latest, most effective solutions to totally restore your health post-jab… Recover from COVID or long-haul…Protect yourself from spike protein shedding (Even if you’re unvaxxed)…

AND to completely reverse ANY chronic autoimmune disease that you’re suffering with.

Because they stem from the same root cause… 

A toxic “invader” triggers your immune system – which cannot distinguish it from healthy tissues – to defend your body… 

This initiates a cytokine storm, leading to deadly inflammation, and causing your body to start attacking itself…

And once you treat the problem, and give your body what it needs to repair itself…

You’ll experience miraculous healing.

Our world-renowned natural medicine doctors and health experts are saving lives on a daily basis with their comprehensive healing protocols

And when you join us for 9 BRAND NEW Episodes of our groundbreaking docuseries, Brave: Live Courageously, Heal Miraculously | RELOADED, you’ll discover…

  • How one of our top experts, Dr. Rashid Buttar, nearly died after experiencing a case of heart poisoning… And how he survived.
  • Emerging and existing regenerative medicine protocols that are helping people to restore their DNA from the mRNA shot
  • Expert-devised protocols that top naturopaths and health experts are using to successfully protect and heal people from the effects of vaxx-shedding exposure.
  • Extensive advice on natural medicines and key supplements that EVERYONE should be taking on a daily basis… along with the doses.
  • Top detox protocols to get rid of deadly toxins in your body like heavy metals, molds and mycotoxins, graphene oxide, and other ingredients from the jab and more.
  • How to protect yourself from the damaging effects of Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs)
  • What you can do to restore your health post-COVID and address long-haul symptoms including shingles.
  • Top protective protocols to give you a robust immune system and restore a damaged immune system.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime… It may just save you, or a loved one’s life.


Airing on January 30 | 8PM EST / 5PM PST
  • Top molecular biologist reveals some shocking, censored discoveries from experimental gene therapy shots How can the spike protein change your DNA?
  • The three major risks of C-19 toxic shots for your brain and body discovered by Dr. Bryan Ardis.
  • Why new variants are emerging with full force. Plus, a renowned expert in preventing bioterrorism attacks explains the relationship between vaxx shedding of toxic venoms cases.
  • How the jab causes immune system damage, according to independent researchers. What can we do to prevent these painful autoimmune symptoms?
  • Discover how early treatments for COVID were intentionally censored to advance to population control agenda
  • Experts uncover the continuous dramatic increase in vaxx-injured patients and expose evidence that PROVES this was premeditated
  • Learn about why these jabs are NOT really vaccines and how the definition of a vaccine was changed to push this deadly agenda
  • Experts reveal more and more about the ingredients that are being found in various vaccine vials – And the evidence that proves no two vaxxes are the same
  • Hear about the media has been a huge perpetrator in spreading misinformation to boast the deadly vaxx – and how this is backfiring as people are learning the truth.
  • Get first-hand access to breaking news about the COVID agenda as mass envenomation
  • Hear about the latest research about how venoms have been weaponized in the past and what the current climate is showing
  • Learn about expert’s major concerns around the current COVID agenda and what we should be doing to protect ourselves
  • Gain insight into the censored information that proves COVID is not what we were told it was
  • Get access to the TRUTH behind this so-called virus that evidence proves was created as a bioweapon through gain-of-function research.
  • Discover the various types of blood clots that medical doctors should be looking for and how to know if your health is in danger
  • A top expert shares why he believes the patent holder for the gene-altering vaccine is getting financial incentives from Big Pharma Giants. And how this patent was filed well before the plandemic.
  • Renowned molecular biologist, Dr. Christina Parks shares how mRNA tech in the jab has been created to make the body produce as much spike protein for as long as possible in as many of the cells as possible – and why this is a major concern.
Airing on January 31 | 8PM EST / 5PM PST
  • Renowned medical researcher shares findings on how snake venom has been used in the research for a mRNA vaccine
  • A top doctor issues warnings on how the mRNA tech is altering the DNA in the vaxxed, leading to lower immunity and potentially life-threatening diseases
  • Why more and more children are now being diagnosed with autoimmune diseases like type 1 diabetes due to vaccines, according to a highly experienced pediatrician. Plus, encouraging vaxx-injury recovery protocols.
  • The dangerous trio: How COVID, RSV, and flu vaxx are being tested and how it may dangerously impact the population even further, according to concerning findings of Dr. Tau Braun.
  • Top experts in natural medicine reveal what they’re doing to help vaxx victims successfully restore their health
  • Learn about the urgency of detoxing your body if you’ve been vaxxed and the best ways to do this
  • Discover the repurposed medicines that are effectively helping people reverse their vaxx-related injuries
  • Experts uncover important tests that you should take to check your risk of experiencing clotting post-vaxx as well as other deadly symptoms
  • Learn about key mechanisms that focus on healing your body from a cellular level and initiating the body’s self-healing processes.
  • Gain insight into what the latest research is revealing about the deadly effects of the clot shot
  • Discover health advice from world-renowned health experts that gives you a fighting chance against vaxx shedding and vaxx-related injuries
  • Learn about the important role that optimal nutrition plays in overcoming adverse effects post-vaxx
  • Hear about the latest protocols that natural medicine doctors are using to help people detox from the toxic ingredients in the jab
  • Discover why boosting your immune system is so important in overcoming vaxx injuries and shedding exposure.
  • Renowned medical researcher Dr. Bryan Ardis reveals how the venomous aspect of all COVID vaxxes can lead to blood toxicity and neurological problems.
  • Gain insight into how different COVID variants are likely the result of shedding from those who are vaxxed and how the spike protein is shown to be cardiotoxic.
  • Top expert discusses how venoms are associated with cell death, ultimately leading to immune problems – and why this explains the symptoms seen in COVID long-haul and vaxx injured patients.
Airing on February 1 | 8PM EST / 5PM PST
  • Top cardiologists reveal how spike protein led to an explosion of myocarditis cases… They’ve NEVER seen this number of patients.
  • How myocarditis risks are also surging in very young adults, according to Dr. Brian Hooker
  • Dr. Thomas E. Levy: “Pfizer’s own internal documents advise about the possibility of “environmental exposure” by “inhalation or skin contact” of the mRNA in the vaccine being transmitted from a vaccinated individual to another person.”
  • How you can heal from deadly spike protein exposure and fibrous blood clots, according to a top medical professional.
  • Hear from TOP experts on how important it is to detox your body – whether you’ve been vaxxed or not
  • Discover more about the different toxins that are currently overwhelming your body, including chemtrails, envenomation, spike protein shedding, 5G exposure, and more
  • Find out about the importance of cleansing your liver – A top expert reveals why one cleanse is just not enough
  • Learn about the best protocols to protect your body from daily exposure to serious toxins
  • Gain insight into the natural protocols that have proven to reverse disease and successfully remove harmful toxins safely.
  • Get access to the exact protocols that natural medicine doctors and health experts are recommending
  • Gain insight into a highly controversial therapy that has been proven to detox the body and reverse serious diseases for years
  • Learn about highly effective and safe natural detox protocols to optimize your health
  • Learn about nutritional supplements and foods that are vital for detox and optimal health
  • Discover the top foods that boost healing, lower inflammation, and stop the disease process.
  • Cardiologist shares top 3 causes of heart disease – and why all 3 are caused by deadly toxins in the jab
  • Various doctors and medical experts discuss how vaxxes are causing heart complications and how we can protect ourselves
  • The tested protocols to successfully reverse serious heart diseases, including myocarditis and pericarditis.
Airing on February 2 | 8PM EST / 5PM PST
  • The simplest treatment to prevent spike protein shedding symptoms, according to Dr. Syed Haider
  • Safe and effective natural protocols to detox the biotoxins from your body, according to top specialists
  • “It’s cardiotoxic. It’s able to create cancers, and so it’s oncogenic. We also know that it’s a neurotoxin.” Dr. Tau Braun exposes the truth about spike proteins.
  • “Spike glycoproteins are actually what venom peptides are identified to be. Plus, the healing protocols to reverse the damage from Dr. Bryan Ardis.
  • Learn about exactly how the COVID vaccine is causing serious harm to people’s bodies. And how it is highly inflammatory, toxic, and leads to allergic responses.
  • Discover how vaccines are leading to 54% of our children suffering from one or more of 21 chronic diseases.
  • Dr. Judy Mikovits reveals the relationship between taking RU486 (the abortion pill) and growing vaccines in cell lines of aborted babies – Often still alive after the abortion.
  • Kevin Jenkins reveals how the pandemic is really a form of slavery – The global government has employed the same tactics to try and control us.
  • Dr. David Martin reveals how Monkeypox is not something to fear because contracting it depends on lifestyle factors – ones most people don’t engage in.
  • Learn about the powerful role that natural medicines and supplements play in healing from diseases
  • Gain expert insight into how each person is unique and healing looks different for everyone – which is why a holistic approach is so important
  • Learn about how various protocols can be used to treat the same thing
  • Gain practical advice on what you can do to make sure you’re reaching out to the right people to help you on your healing journey
  • Discover how focusing on multiple areas of your life to find healing such as connecting with the earth’s energy, spending time in the sun, reducing stress, and eating nutritious foods can all make a huge difference to your overall health.
  • Renowned doctors who are on the frontline discuss the main protocols and treatments they’re using to address disease early and prevent hospitalization.
  • Experts reveal various methods that are working to help people reverse, and find relief from symptoms like tinnitus, brain fog, and more serious ones.
  • Discover the latest leading treatments that are helping people to restore their health post vaccine.
Airing on February 3 | 8PM EST / 5PM PST
  • Dr. Jack Wolfson shares natural solutions for repairing damage to mitochondria – “the fuel factories inside of a cell”, and healing your cells throughout the body.
  • Dr. Mark Sherwood reveals simple dietary changes to optimize your cell’s health.
  • Dr. Brian Hooker shares the healing protocol he uses for his autistic son to reverse developmental deficits and promote healing.
  • How the spike protein causes damage to the mitochondria, and how to heal this cellular damage according to Dr. Henry Ealy.
  • Discover ancient immune-boosting natural remedies that are still proving to be highly effective today
  • Gain insight from the world’s top naturopaths on what they recommend you should do to strengthen your immune system
  • Learn about the various immune compromisers and how to recognize the ones in your environment that may be impacting your immunity
  • Experts uncover what you can do to protect yourself from exposure to environmental toxins that have a serious impact on your health
  • Learn about the importance of boosting your immune system to protect you against vaxx shedding.
  • Learn about the importance of detoxification for strengthening your immunity
  • Gain insight into top immune-boosting foods recommended by nutrition experts
  • Discover the natural medicines that have proven to boost immunity
  • Learn about how powerful and effective natural immunity is and why we DON’T need vaxxes
  • Experts share practical tips on what you can do to get rid of the toxins we’re exposed to that compromise our immunity.
  • Listen to an internal medicine doctor who has successfully reversed multiple vaxx injury cases talk about a powerful therapy to reset your body.
  • Experts share the dangers associated with vaxxes and how your DNA might be damaged in the process.
  • Discover the treatments that natural medicine and integrative medicine doctors are doing to address cellular damage caused by the spike protein.
Airing on February 4 | 8PM EST / 5PM PST
  • A renowned naturopathic doctor explains why toxins are stored in fat when they are not properly eliminated, and how you can undo the damage.
  • Discover powerful natural detox agents which bind to hard-to-remove toxins and easily eliminate them from your body.
  • Dr. Edward Group reveals the specific protocol anyone can start at home to completely detoxify their bodies. And how doing this protocol in a specific sequence is so important.
  • Integrative medicine doctor explains what makes molds so toxic to our bodies and how common mold toxicity is. Plus the natural medicines to detox successfully.
  • Learn about the top protocols and treatments that world-renowned experts are currently using to treat vaxx-related injuries
  • Discover the natural medicine protocols that you should follow – even if you’ve been vaxxed but have not experienced any adverse effects
  • Experts reveal emerging treatments that are showing promise in successfully helping vaxx victims fully restore their health
  • Gain insight into highly effective vaxx-injury treatments that are still being censored
  • Get access to highly effective protocols that you can do at home to reverse your vaxx injuries or to detox your body post-vaxx
  • Discover non-conventional healing protocols that have been life-saving
  • Learn about emerging treatments that have been used to reverse serious diseases, including cancer.
  • Discover key tools that you can use to optimize your gut and overall health
  • Gain insight into the role of naturopathic medicine in healing the body from diseases and vaccine injuries
  • Hear about inspiring healing stories using emerging natural treatments for COVID (envenomation) and vaxx-injuries.
  • Holistic medicine doctors discuss the importance of addressing the toxin build-up in your body regularly and what are the safest protocols to use.
  • These powerful detox methods helped patients reverse diseases for years, according to natural medicine specialists. 
  • Top doctors go into a deep dive into the highly effective protocols that address post and Vaxx toxicity – from the comfort of your own home.
Airing on February 5 | 8PM EST / 5PM PST
  • Why poor gut health relates to disease, lack of energy, and high levels of inflammation, according to a top doctor
  • Dr. Jack Wolfson discusses how injected chemicals can cause inflammation, which leads to cell damage and an unbalanced immune system.
  • Dr. Edward Group issues a warning about gut health and why not doing a regular gut cleanse can have a major impact on your health.
  • Do you have subclinical inflammation? A doctor shares insight into the symptoms, and how inflammation is related to the sudden surge in unexplained deaths.
  • Learn about the truth behind all the modern-day bioweapons that the global government is using to advance their population control agenda – it goes beyond vaxxes
  • Experts reveal how vaccines have been used as bioweapons to spread diseases for the longest time
  • Hear about the latest evidence that proved the vaxxes – and the COVID narrative – are part of the transhumanist and population control scheme
  • Gain insight from top experts on their latest findings of the global government’s mass envenomation plan 
  • Get information on the latest health issues that experts are seeing post-vaxx and what they’re doing to address this health crisis
  • Learn about the evils behind the population control agenda and how bioweapons are planned well in advance
  • Gain insight into experts’ predictions about what will follow the plandemic and how you can shield yourself
  • Discover the lies and techniques that the global government and elitists are using to push their population control agenda
  • Learn about evidence that proves the COVID jabs are murder weapons
  • Get answers to some of the most complex questions about the development of bioweapons – including the use of venoms to push this agenda.
  • Discover the mechanism of inflammation in the body and how inflammation is a trigger for all diseases people are struggling with today.
  • Experts share the natural treatments and repurposed medicines that they’re using to combat post-vaxx inflammation.
  • Doctors share insight into the treatments that are working to help their patients get rid of circulating spike protein in their bodies from either infection, getting the vaccine, or being exposed to shedding.
Airing on February 6 | 8PM EST / 5PM PST
  • Experts warn about an uptick in cancer rates and other life-threatening diseases due to vaccine damage to DNA and cells.
  • Why dysregulation in the immune system caused by post-vaxx damage is leading to unchecked diseases that are spreading like wildfire, and how you can stop the damage
  • Discover highly effective treatments that natural and integrative medicine doctors are using to reverse life-altering diseases.
  • How to heal disease from the root cause instead of masking the symptoms with toxic drugs, according to Dr. Edward Group.
  • Learn about the latest revelations and concerns that experts are voicing with regard to their next attempt to strip us of our medical freedom
  • Discover how to protect your personal freedom now, and in the future, using what many experts recommend – And how to help your loved ones protect themselves
  • Experts reveal the importance of living fear-free and how there is always a solution to whatever they throw at us
  • What powerful attorneys and health experts are currently doing to fight for justice – They want those with blood on their hands to be exposed, and this is what they’re doing
  • Gain insight into the way the global government works to spread fear-mongering and what you can do to protect yourself from being brainwashed.
  • Discover what top experts are currently doing to fight against the mandates
  • Gain insight into research and information that clearly shows how mandating the deadly vaxxes is completely unethical
  • Gain practical tools that you can use to refuse the jab
  • Hear about an attorney’s progress on getting vaxx mandates for health workers overthrown
  • Learn about the brainwashing tools to look out for and avoid being sucked into the government’s oppressive agendas.
  • Learn from world-renowned natural medicine doctors about what powerful nutrients, natural ingredients, and detoxification methods you can use to reverse autoimmune disease.
  • Get access to little-known treatments and protocols that our top doctors are using to help their patients optimize their health by fixing their gut issues and repairing damage to their immune systems.
  • Discover the major causes of chronic disease and autoimmunity, such as chronic inflammation and toxin build-up – and how to address these specifically.
Airing on February 7 | 8PM EST / 5PM PST


  • The 4 major categories of vaxx diseases: cardiovascular, neurological, hematologic, and autoimmunity, according to a world-renowned doctor.
  • Dr. Krishna Doniparthi explains the connection between post-covid shots and neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.
  • Highly effective therapies and protocols to help reverse anxiety and depression symptoms post-vaxx, according to Dr. Syed Haider
  • Learn more about the “Great Reset”, when experts predict this will happen, and what you can do to protect yourself now
  • Discover the key solutions to protecting your future finances with the current economic crisis
  • Experts reveal their serious concerns about a global food shortage and share recommendations about what you and your loved ones can do to prepare
  • Learn about practical solutions that you can implement immediately to protect yourself from future agendas
  • Hear from top experts on the upcoming energy crisis and some practical solutions that you can use to prepare for the worst.
  • Learn about how to be prepared for any crisis thrown your way
  • Gain insight from experts about what you can do to become self-sustainable
  • Discover the importance of “prepping” for the unforeseen future
  • Learn about the signs that are coming up alerting us to what’s predicted to come
  • Find out what you can do to secure your future in times of uncertainty.
  • Discover targeted protocols and treatments for reversing the heart and brain symptoms and disease caused by spike protein exposure.
  • Learn about the successful treatments that are preventing damage to your organs from infection.
  • Gain insight from top naturopaths and medical doctors about therapies that are helping their patients to restore whole body health post-vaxx, or after exposure to vaxx shedding.

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