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REGENERATE: How to Reverse COVID Vaxx-Related Injuries and Repair Damaged Tissue

How do people seek help when the ones who are supposed to protect them are exploiting them?

According to Dr. Brian Proctor, if you get the deadly COVlD shot, you have a 1 in 13 chance of requiring medical treatment.

But the truth is, the majority of those who have been severely injured have been denied, shamed, and ignored. There are mountains of testimonials and claims that prove this.

But those who are injured are NOT doomed. Top natural medicine doctors and health experts are successfully reversing deadly vaxx symptoms, including clotting and myocarditis.

This eBook reveals:
  • Real-life accounts of post-vaxx injuries.
  • The exponential and concerning rise in serious post-vaxx side effects, for example, miscarriages, infertility, and reproductive issues caused by the accumulation of spike proteins in the sex organs.
  • The highly successful regenerative medicine practices that health experts are using to restore damaged tissue and organs throughout the body post-vaccine.
  • Protocols that you can use to get rid of the spike glycoproteins in your body and minimize your risk of clotting, heart diseases, and other deadly vaxx-related symptoms.
STOP THE SHEDDING: The Truth About Vaxx Shedding and How to Protect Yourself

People all over the world are reporting mild to debilitating symptoms after being exposed to people who are vaxxed.

EVEN our healthiest experts.

Just last year, Dr. Edward Group shared how he experienced ongoing respiratory symptoms after taking a trip abroad with his family.

“Because I’m doing so much for my system and because I take care of myself, I wasn’t deathly ill or anything like that, but it was just a nagging aggravation of just maybe a little bit of a dry cough and some sinus issues. So I’m like, why is this? Why are healthy people getting sick?”

And a month or two ago, Dr. Rashid Buttar, who is not vaxxed, shared his near-death experience when poisons were detected in his heart. And he revealed how many people started reporting the exact same symptoms.

“These are my followers. I actually was trying to figure out, out of a few thousand people I asked, 113 were having the same symptoms. Shortness of breath, feeling of drowning, swelling in the legs, a dry, hacky cough that had been going on.” – Dr. Rashid Buttar

At this stage, there’s way too much anecdotal evidence – and scientific evidence revealed by Dr. Henry Ealy in this book – to deny that vaccine shedding is a real phenomenon.

So how do we protect ourselves?

This eBook reveals:
  • Answers to shedding-related concerns like how long can someone shed for and when are you most at risk of developing symptoms post-exposure to someone who is vaxxed.
  • The latest revelations about the spike glycoprotein.
  • Insight from top medical and health experts on what you can do to get rid of the spike protein in your body.
  • Learn about the factors that put you most at risk of developing symptoms after shedding exposure and what to do about it.

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4,000 PATENTS: Evidence that COVID & Vaxx Bioweapons Were Designed to Maim

A lot about “COVID” and the so-called pandemic remains a mystery. But we’re getting closer and closer to revealing the whole truth. And what we already know for certain is that none of this was a coincidence.

The recently revealed 4,000 coronavirus and spike protein patents prove it. I’ve been part of the humanitarian mission, alongside natural medicine doctors, health experts, researchers, investigative journalists and others to bring truth and justice to the world.

Remember when just after the world was sent into fear-driven panic over the announcement of this “novel” and deadly virus? And reports started surfacing about how this “virus” leaked from the Wuhan lab as a result of gain-of-function research?

Of course, this was denied with a big fat “fact-checked” sign. But as it turns out, the reason the media worked so hard to divert the world from this is because it was closer to the truth than the global government and health authorities were comfortable with.

But the truth will not stay burried as our top experts are getting closer to cracking the entire plandemic wide open.

I share insight into the latest research, including the significance of Dr. David Martin’s recent public announcement of the 4,000 public patents that prove COVID was not novel, and that the original Pfizer patent for the deadly spike protein dates back to as early as 1990.

This eBook reveals:

  • Confirmation that even the US CDC filed a SARS coronavirus patent in 2003 — the same year that Sequoia Pharmaceuticals filed a patent for the treatment of the same virus.
  • Different attempts from the FDA, CDC, and WHO to tie up their loose ends. Many vaccine-injured individuals and their doctors are blowing the lid off the COVID vaccine scandal in court, and soon many officials will have hard questions to answer.
  • How 23.1% of participants in a study developed multiple organ failure within 10 days — and yet this drug was approved by Anthony Fauci. Make sure no one puts this in your IV the next time you visit a hospital.
  • How Bill Gates and Tony Fauci “accidentally” predicted that a pandemic will happen — and they’d be made to answer some questions soon.
  • How to get access to the full patent that discloses the nature of the spike protein and why it’s called the chimeric spike protein – which was genetically modified.

Treatments and Protocols for Myocarditis, Pericarditis and Other Vaxx, Shedding & COVID-Related Heart Diseases

Healthy young people, often athletes, have been dropping dead by the thousands. Their sudden deaths occurred shortly after they were jabbed with the mRNA clot shots.

But the elite “experts” told us there’s nothing to see here.

The vaccine-pushing corporate media and Big covered up their deaths, and censored, deplatformed, or ridiculed anyone who dared to reveal the truth.

But that’s slowly beginning to change.

The American Heart Association just published a study in their journal, Circulation, titled Circulating Spike Protein Detected in Post–COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Myocarditis.

They’re finally acknowledging what our brave doctors have been warning about for 2 years!

One of those doctors is Dr. Jack Wolfson, MD, a board-certified cardiologist and holistic medical doctor, and one of America’s most renowned heart doctors.

According to Dr. Wolfson:

“The protein that is created, it’s again now the protein is created, the devastation that the protein can cause in the human, obviously clotting is the most common consequence of that. And we’re seeing people with deep venous thrombosis, DVT, pulmonary embolism, clots going to the lungs.

“We’re seeing acute myocardial infarctions. We’re seeing strokes related to this, because what happens is that it turns on the natural clotting of this system of the body, which we have normal clotting and our body breaks up clots and makes clots, and it basically functions in a very dynamic way.

“But now we’ve altered that and the spike protein that is being artificially generated, again, what that is doing to cause thickening in the blood or hypercoagulability. And now, how it artificially stimulates the immune system. And now you have this immune system that’s stimulated, and now we see it start to attack the heart where you get myocarditis. And again, you get these other autoimmune conditions, these inflammatory conditions.

“And unfortunately, because it was never studied, those signals of risk in abnormality were never really known to anybody. And I’m not sure they would’ve done anything different, but ultimately I think this is obviously the biggest health crisis and calamity of my lifetime. And what it’s done to society on so many different levels again is devastating.”

So how do we protect ourselves?

This eBook reveals:

  • The natural medicines that can safely and effectively treatment myocarditis – No more toxic drugs from Big Pharma
  • What anti-inflammatory, anti-toxic protocol is “capable of mopping up old blood clots that are not getting appropriately dissolved thrombolytic.”
  • Which herbs “will block the binding of spike protein to your cells.”
  • How to encourage your body to produce its own Vitamin C – something that most people cannot do. It’s safe, easy, and 100% natural.
  • Insight from top medical and health experts on what you can do to get rid of the spike protein in your body.

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Autoimmune Answers Series digital access

Bring 70 world-leading expert doctors, scientists, and patients that have reversed their autoimmune conditions into your home. You’ll have ALL the tools, tips and techniques at your fingertips to prevent, reverse, and overcome chronic, painful autoimmune diseases once and for all!

  • Discover what autoimmune disease is and the many forms it can take (over 100 diseases, including diabetes, Lyme disease, rheumatoid arthritis, Graves disease)
  • Learn about the actual ROOT CAUSES of autoimmune disease
  • Uncover the corruption in the health industry that leads to autoimmune disease (or inhibits healing)
  • Find out what side-effects pharmaceuticals can have in autoimmune disease
  • Realize that there IS hope, even if you’ve been told there is no hope, no cure
  • Discover steps you can take to prevent and even recover from autoimmune disease

Yours FREE — $297 Value

21 Major Causes of Leading Chronic Diseases and How to Reverse Them

Has your doctor ever told you that whole grains – the same ones they told you to eat – might be causing autoimmune disease?

Or that your chronic ailments could be a result of a moldy basement…

Perhaps, the toxins leaching from your new furniture or flooring…

Or, the ones off gassing from the foam mattress that you hoped would give you a great night’s sleep…

The causes could even come from within your own body…

Parasites that can affect your heart and immune system…

Poor dental health and mercury fillings…

Or the chronic, underlying infection you thought had been cleared up years ago, with antibiotics…

These are just a FEW of the ROOT CAUSES of autoimmune disease that our top natural medicine doctors and health experts discuss…

And, best of all, they reveal the SOLUTIONS to heal your body and restore your health.

This eBook reveals:

  • The supplement that top cardiologist Dr. Thomas E. Levy calls “the essence of healing” – Find out how it heals “diseased” cells… Even from long C0V!D and the jab!
  • Why Dr. Bryan Ardis says “70% of all autoimmune cases I’ve ever seen in my practice were actually caused by parasites.” And discover how you can eliminate parasites from your body.
  • Why Dr. Jonathan Murphy says adding 25 grams of THIS nutrient is “one of the simplest ways of detoxifying” because it “eliminates the excrement of the parasites, bacteria, fungi in the GI tract much more rapidly before it gets absorbed and goes through the liver and causes more problems.”
  • Why Dr. Rashid Buttar calls WiFi, microwaves, cell phones, and even security systems “the fourth toxicity” – And how you can heal your body.
  • How GMO foods will “horizontally transfer to your own gut flora, so your gut bacteria, all of a sudden can be making toxins that will colonize in your gut”. And the solution Dr. Brian Hooker recommends.
  • Practical solutions from top medical doctors and natural health experts on HOW to DETOX the heavy metal, parasites, and other toxins in your body.

Yours FREE — $111 Value

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Vaccine Injury Recovery & Immune Priming Masterclass

Three of America’s top natural medicine doctors will show you how to boost immunity naturally and effectively, help prevent COVID and other infections, and equip your immune system to fight off any invading viruses.

Now is the time to learn the natural ways to protect your body and rid yourself of any toxins and environmental agents that can cause you harm. Each expert doctor we’ve interviewed has their own unique perspective that, when put together, creates a comprehensive plan that can protect you from most anything thrown your way.

Here’s a small glimpse at the vast amount of information you’ll find inside this powerful Masterclass (yours free when you purchase while episodes are still airing).

  • Learn which nutrients will help boost your immune system and protect you from any outside invaders
  • Discover which nutraceuticals our top doctor recommends for early treatment of COVID (Jane Orient shares her exact protocol she’s discovered via strenuous research)
  • Find out which protocol safely and effectively detoxes toxins and heavy metals from the COVID jab (even if you don’t get the jab, you’ll want to understand this information)

And that’s not all, take a look at everything we’ve included for you below…

  • 5 videos with Dr. Henry Ealy
  • 4 videos with Dr. Bryan Ardis
  • 3 videos with Dr. Jonathan Murphy

12 total videos, all your on-demand

12 transcripts included of every single video
12 MP3s for listening on-the-go

All recordings will be stored in your membership area and transcribed for you to read.​

Yours FREE — $597 Value

9-Module Masterclass: Brain Healing Breakthrough

In this powerful masterclass you’ll learn answers to neurodegenerative disease, including dementia and Alzheimer’s, as well as anxiety and depression so you can make sure to prevent these awful diseases in you or a loved one’s brain. Not only will our experts give you detailed information on prevention, they’ll also share with you the causes of these powerful diseases so you know exactly what to avoid right now to guarantee

Yours FREE — $497 Value


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